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Problems. Well, this word is quite familiar to us. We have problems wherever we go, whatever and whenever we do something. In every little action that takes place in this world, there are problems. But these problems are not unsegregated. Problems are of different types, different severity. Some problems are serious and need immediate attention while some do not.

And now comes the question: How do we solve these different problems that we come across in our life?

The first step towards solving the problems is to define them. To do this, we naturally need a good understanding of the problem. We must be able to exactly tell what the problem is in a short, crisp sentence but at the same time it must also convey all the details:

  1. The nature of the problem.
  2. The consequences faced if the problem is not taken care of, in other words, the severity of the problem.
  3. The time period within which the problem is to be solved.

Then, at last, you must go to the necessary person(if any), and list out the necessary steps to be taken in order to solve the problem.

For example, if a place is facing severe water crisis, then in order to solve it, the affected persons/the persons in charge must define the problem, which in this case is water scarcity. Since water is a basic necessity, it is a very serious problem and requires immediate attention. The next step is to list out the steps that can be taken. In this case, there are two aspects to it:

  1. The fact that water is required IMMEDIATELY(right then): To solve this, they can probably hire a water lorry and fill up their tank until they find a permanent solution.
  2. They can probably install a borewell to draw water from it. This might relieve them from the problem for a few more months. But then, when the ground water table goes down, they will be stranded in the same situations again. Hence, they need to find a permanent  solution. For this, they can install rainwater harvesting. This will make sure that they don’t suffer of water crisis for a very long period of time. Hence, it is a permanent solution.



Courtesy : CCO


Questions are an important part of our life. We need to question things we don’t understand in order to learn a lot of things. We, in fact, lose our ignorance and become wiser if we question. Naturally, there are methods to ask wiser questions. At this point, a question might arise as to what is a wise question. A wise question may be defined as a question which covers all aspects of the problem or the topic concerned.

To ask questions that cover all the aspects of the topic, with which it is concerned, one can use the method of framing questions having six words as the thumb rule:

What, Where, Who, When, Why, How

With these words, the answers to the corresponding questions will cover all the facts of that particular topic/case.

After all, they are not called interrogative words without a reason.

Creativity : What is it?

It is the ability to think originally and differently. Creativity first needs to be yours, that is, the idea must originally belong to you. The second parameter is that it must be something different or something out of the ordinary, something that is unique from the rest. Creativity is very vital for innovation.


Assume: making an ASS of U and ME. Well, this is a very comical way of telling that assumptions may not be the right thing to do in all the places. Assumptions can hinder the way of creativity and ideas. They define boundaries which prevent you from thinking outside the box.

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