• Customer has to register with us before ordering.


  • The Customer will be sent an email confirming the order placed on the site and a second mail will be sent confirming dispatch of the order.
  • The  credit card will be charged once the bank confirms the transaction.
  • Customers  own the books the moment orders leave our warehouse.


Not all books shown on the site are readily available or running under print. There might be titles long out-of-print or totally unavailable. In that case we will email the user canceling the order and refund the entire money.


All deliveries are subject to availability of the items ordered. KK Books may take an extra week or so to try and procure items that are either out of stock or already on order. In that case we shall seek permission from the user first and then initiate further action.

KK Books claims no responsibility for missing, delayed or lost packages. We try our best to ensure that all orders are safely packed and shipped by the best possible courier depot. All orders are sent via an extremely reliable courier service and are traceable over the Internet. Airway Bill Numbers (AWBs) are emailed to customer the moment orders are dispatched helping keep track of packages. In case a packet goes missing or does not reach the user on time or arises suspicion of any kind, we request all users to mail us at service@KK Books.

All orders placed must have Pin/Zip Codes to ensure smooth and safe deliveries. Orders with incomplete address information may be canceled or rejected by the shipper. In such a case, users will be informed via email and will be requested to mail the complete shipping address.