Usually, conversation pivot around questions and its answers, which helps to exchange news, thoughts and ideas. Once you wake up morning till the time you go to your bed at night, your day will be revolving around numerous questions and its answers. Either you would ask the question or else you will be in a position to answer. Sometimes, you will act as both. Let us take an example of the question you ask yourself as soon as you woke up “What the time would be? Is it late?” followed by your answer “Still there is time, let’s sleep for 5 more minutes”. Next, “How is the day going to be?” the answer will be based on your mood, ranging from “It will be good” to “Oh God! Pour your Blessings and make it a good day”

Understanding a question is half an answer, in the same way, asking the right question is mandatory to get the right answer. Many people are not aware that different types of questions lead to different outcomes.

Usually, as a kid will ask questions with “Why not?” rather than “Why?” It is fine for a kid to ask such questions. But it is not fine for someone in the Managerial position.

As a manager, you should ask yourself, how well do you ask questions? Proper questioning has become a lost art. Because we don’t find “ the ability to ask questions” on any list of managerial competencies. There would have been times when people fail just because of not asking the right question. So it is very important to give this skill a little extra focus.

Let us take a Journalist while framing question they always use the 5W +1H

5W – Who, What, When, Where, Why
1H – How

The reason behind using Who, What, When, Where is you will get a specific answer and for Why, How is to expand the scope of discussion.A good question will fetch a great answer but a bad question fetches another question as an answer.
Framing the question in a different way helps us to choose the right one to get the most favourable answer.
Take a look at the example written by R. Sridhar in his book “Unlock the real power of Ideation” about the art of asking question.




Asking the right question ensures the path for the great idea. So it is very much important to work the way you ask a question. Also, “The three question” method will help you to find the perfect answer very quickly.

To know about “The three question method”, purchase


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