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“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customers. I think you build one with your employees first” a statement from Angela Ahrendts, American businesswoman CEO of Burberry and Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple Inc.

An enterprise is nothing but a piece of paper without its employees. A company’s success doesn’t depend on streamlined processes, exceptional leadership, or even a world-class company culture – these don’t even matter without engaged employees.

It’s the management responsibility to create a “Worry-free, stress-free, fear-free” environment. This environment forms the biggest enabler in getting people together on a journey to the transformation.

Total Employee Involvement (TEI) is a system or tool for the direct participation of employees to organizational success, by letting them take responsibilities. It enables everyone deeply involved, using own brain power, in problem-solving, learning, continuous improvement activities and systematic search for opportunities.

Since TEI is a major prerequisite for implementing IPS-5S, impressive secret behind the success of many Japanese Companies, it’s mandatory for the organisation to work towards TEI.

In order to enforce TEI, it is important for teams in every part of the business to find the strengths and values of its members so that they can leverage the combined strengths of all for greater benefits.

In “Make in India for Made in India: Indian Production System” book, Mr C. Narasimhan explains the ways in which an organisation can build such an environment. You can find it from the below snaps of the pages.


He has also given a great piece of content holding the idea how to create the bonding between employees in a very detailed format along with the vehicles of TEI.

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[…] In our series of discussion on Prerequisites for Indian Production System (IPS), previously we referred about “Basic & Advanced 5S” and “How to create a right culture for total employee involvement?” […]

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