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In my earlier blog “Challenging assumptions to define a challenge” I quoted Albert Einstein’s words “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

That’s indeed true!

But, you can get more ideas to solve problems from people affected by that problem rather than those who created the problem. So it is good to delegate the work if it doesn’t work out for you.

Moreover, delegation is positively related to psychological empowerment. Empowered employees are more innovative, loyal, and more productive. Moreover, they are less afraid of receiving negative feedback. This can make them come up with new ideas since they find no silos between management.

A recent US survey stats that managers spend around 14% of their time redoing tasks and correcting employees’ mistakes. This percentage is even higher in India by 20%. So choosing the right people to do the right job is much more important than developing the right strategy.

You may utter “It’s obvious to choose the right people for right task”. But I ask you to look beyond the obvious!

For example, if a Managing Director finds a problem, obviously he used to ask the department head to fix the issue. Because MD knows that he can fix easily in the proven method. But he misses the chance of approaching a management trainee who can fix this problem in a more simple way with his intelligence and creativity. Because, the most important advantage that Young trainee have is an open mind. He would have new ideas and a fresh perspective which is not biased towards any particular field or sector. Freshers are also good at brainstorming which experienced people might not.

While searching for a new idea, we limit our mind to the obvious situation and we are not ready to look beyond it. If we push ourselves forward, we can find solution which be better than the obvious one. The same rule fits for choosing the right people too. Rather than relying on the same person to complete the task, you can adjust your focus to a wider area to find a person who can complete within time with perfection.

If you are able to choose the right people at the right time, then you have half won!

Sridhar mentions the importance of choosing the right people in his book “Unlock the real power of ideation”. He also suggests some ideas which would help you to match the task with talent.

“Choose the right people for the task. The choice of people should depend on what you are looking for. If you are looking for fresh, new perspectives, avoid people who are likely to carry a load of baggage since they have been working  9 – 5 on the problem. If you are looking for a well-developed solution, include people with lot of experience in that field. They should be solution oriented”

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