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In our series of discussion on Prerequisites for Indian Production System (IPS), previously we referred about “Basic & Advanced 5S” and “How to create a right culture for total employee involvement?”

There is a sequel of blocks which helps us to move forward from basic 5S to advance IPS 5s. The reason for the flow is, we should not jump to Advanced 5s without the implementation of basic 5s.

Mr. C. Narasimhan figuratively represents the prerequisites for IPS in his book “Made in India for Make in India: Indian Production System”



To move from Basic 5S to advanced 5S, you have to go through 5 stages, in which the first 3 steps must be carried out by the management to build worry, stress and fear free environment.


Must-be Facilities – Helps in reducing basic worries related to work

Build Good cultural traits – Helps create a stress free environment on shop floor

Build two way communication channel – Helps to remove fear and anxiety

Importantly, the expenses incurred by companies in providing these ‘Must be facilities’ should be considered as investments and not costs. While speaking about “Employee Bonding activities”, Mr. C. Narasimhan annotate many involvement programs which can establish a good connection with employees. Importantly, he shares an ideal methodology which is well suited for Indian culture.


Made in India for Make in India: Indian Production System”Implementation of above steps will create a base for employee transformation.

Made in India for Make in India: Indian Production System”This book by Mr. C. Narasimhan gives you plenty of inputs for greening the production system through various ways. To learn more about the ways in which IPS can be implemented order your copy now!

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