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Many forget to see the blurred line between Creativity and Innovation.

A simple scenario to relate, imagine you are planning to host a get-together party for this weekend at your home and you are thinking of doing it in a memorable way. You spend hours, days imagining and conceptualizing ways it can be made peculiar. You’ve thought up various themes, unique foods and of course, you envision the whole party atmosphere where people smiling and praising you for making it memorable.

You see party arrangements, you see smiling people, and you see yourself! But, it’s only the thoughts on your head – you’ve got a “creative” idea and that’s it. Notice, if you stop here, you’ve got absolutely nothing. No food, No party, No happiness.

Creativity is just thinking of something better!

Whereas, Innovation is doing; innovation is applying. Every step you take to implement all those awesome ideas you mustered up represents innovation. You must reach people to invite them, work with the team to serve the food you planned, hosting the party with warmth, that’s when you’ve officially innovated and made use of your creativity.

Innovation is just doing something better!

Simple blurred line, but it produces a drastic difference.

While looking at the workplace, different people exist. Not everyone who thinks creatively comes under of the circle of innovators because it needs an extra effort to implement ideas. Not everyone is ready to accord the effort. A person who thinks creatively will ask “What if” and the one who innovates will ask “Why not”.

Author R. Sridhar puts the difference between creativity and innovation in simple formula,

Creativity = f(Thinking) x f(Climate)

Innovation = f(Thinking) x f(Climate) x f(Implementation)

where, climate denotes the environment in the organisation.

In the ladder of success, you need to be an innovator rather than to be creative. When having a glance at this page, I strongly feel how true the lines are!

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