While googling for “How to generate more ideas for Business?” (The most searched query by entrepreneurs) I noticed a term called Divergent thinking.

Guess what Divergent thinking is!

Any ideas?

Well isn’t the synonym of creativity, but it is essential to think creatively. We had a good discussion about Creativity Vs Innovation in the earlier blog. So let’s continue our colloquy on the strategies to obtain the solution to a problem.

In order to identify a solution to a problem, we used to Think, Think and Think! Yet we have to give value to the way we think. It can be either in a divergent way or in a convergent way.

Here are the few snaps of the pages from the book “Unlock the real power of ideation” by R. Sridhar where he alluringly explained the contrast between convergent and divergent thinking

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Try answering this question,

Since the petrol and diesel prices have been hiked, you try to cut down your travel expenses.

Convergent thinking:

Instead of opting for own vehicle, which public transport I should use? Either Bus or Train?

Here, you are ruling out the possibility of taking shared cabs and others.

Divergent thinking:

What are the options I have to cut down the travel expenses?

Whereas, here, you are thinking of the various feasible options which could turn up.

As per the research, convergent and divergent thinking affect mood in converse ways. While the former triggered a negative mood, the latter triggered the exact opposite – a positive mood.

For those who question, is that divergent thinking is so much essential? The answer would be Divergent thinking brings out the best outcomes when it is used for open-ended problems that enable creativity.

However, owing to the fact that the focus of divergent thinking is ideas rather than process, any solution determined as a result of divergent thinking, frequently needs convergent thinking to convert it into a practicable to-do-list.

As specified above, Mr. R. Sridhar has recommended the proven techniques which helped numerous companies ranging from SMBs to MNCs to get “Wow” ideas for their Business growth in his book “Unlock the real power of ideation”.



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