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The first question you may ask after reading the title of the blog will be “What is the need to train people to think creatively?”

If you were given the choice between two different pilots—one was trained, the other not—which one would you choose? Of course, you would prefer the trained pilot since your life is essential. In the same way, trained professionals are essential to keep the energy of the organization alive.

Perhaps the next question would be “Whether people can be trained in innovation or not?”

Creativity and Innovation require certain personality traits that every individual already has to a varying degree. Therefore, training people in this field means helping people to “awaken” this trait to unleash their innovative genius.

To awake the traits, initially, we have to analyze what stops people to innovate.

The Barrier to Creative Thinking

Sridhar, a renowned Innovation facilitator, consultant and coach talk about the barrier to creative thinking in his book, “Unlock the real power of ideation”

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To think about creative thinking, you must allow the team to talk about their thinking. There are several benefits of encouraging your team members to see the big picture. Ask them to use both sides of the brain. Don’t fall for the myth that right-brained people are more creative while left-brained people are more analytical. As I mentioned in the earlier blog “65% of the people fail at the point when they forget to think out-of-box” so allow your employees to put forth their thoughts for development.

Importantly, don’t make them go through several layers of approval if they come up with new project ideas. Creating a culture based on trust means empowering employees to make their own decisions without fear.

You can’t teach innovation, but you can teach a mindset which helps them to think creatively. Try to train your employees to think like a CEO!

Learn more about

–    How to locate “Ideas” people

–    Creating the right climate for creative thinking

–    Looking beyond the obvious from the book “Unlock the real power of ideation” by R. Sridhar

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