Have you ever conducted ideation session? If not, conduct one in your company and feel the difference

We have been talking about creativity, innovation, convergent thinking, divergent thinking etc.

Generally speaking, you can’t make it in a day or two. It is a long-running process which demands basic ideas from inner-self. To provoke or bring out ideas, ideation sessions are conducted.

Let us take a tour on the basic three questions which pops on everyone’s mind,

What – Why – How?

What is an ideation session?

Ideation refers to generating new ideas – either for developing the business or achieving a new goal. Also, ideation is the process of framing solutions for specific problems through various sessions. To mention a few, brainstorming, Sketching, prototyping etc.

Why an ideation session necessary?

Again I have to quote the words of Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Good ideas are born from different ideas mixing. You might face many problems in your company, these can be problems that your customers are facing (thus leading to new products and services that your organization can provide), or problems that your organization is experiencing (thus resulting in improvements in your internal structure or processes). At ideation workshops, people aren’t just sitting around in a dimly lit boardroom waiting for the next round of snacks — instead, they’re pushing themselves to think differently.

How an ideation session should be?

The foremost thing for all ideation workshop is to create the concrete most pleasant environment which helps team members to come up new ideas. Because No idea is a bad idea. Secondly, the diversity of profiles is a feature that must belong to these teams. Importantly, Mr. R. Sridhar shares seven broad guidelines on a excellent ideation session in his book “Unlock the real power of ideation”

  1. It must be fun
  2. Everyone must feel respected and valued
  3. Short session, no more than 45 minutes maximum
  4. Interactive, dialogue driven, no lecturing
  5. Make people do things
  6. No mobiles
  7. Discussion – Yes. Arguments – No.

Furthermore, it requires experience in understanding and managing teams, people dynamics, adaptability and flexibility and a range of other soft skills, which in reality are hard to master.

Sridhar is an Innovation Facilitator, Consultant & Creativity Coach, who helps his clients benefit from the power of ideas. He shares every idea for creating a good ideation session different in his book “Unlock the real power of ideation”. Purchase your copy now, for designing your session.

Ideation without execution is delusion – Robin Sharma

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