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“Traditionally, a machine manufacturer sells a standard or a catalogue machine that has many unwanted elements not required by buying company. They do not build and design all peripherals in a machine; instead, assemble standard systems that are available outside. They use such systems or components keeping high buffer safety margins, resulting in overcapacity peripherals, as we lack the knowledge of designing optimum capacity peripherals. We term such machines as FAT Machines. These add to the cost of the machine, which is ultimately borne by the buyer. Also, these machines run at a higher operating cost, as they consume more energy and consumables. The cost of maintenance is also high as spares are expensive” says C. Narasimhan in his book Made in India for Make in India: Indian Production System

Indian Production System, a system of our own – developed and introduced by Indians, which entails processes suitable to our work culture and habits. Hundreds of small companies across India have benefitted and successfully sustained IPS way, while some have grown to next levels too.

C. Narasimhan adds IPS attempts to remove unwanted elements and create a lean machine with its accessories. IPS teaches us the use of scientific tools and methods to design optimum peripheral systems like,

– Lean Electrical System

– Lean Hydraulic System

– Lean Coolant System

– Lean Lubrication System

– Lean Pneumatic System

These lean systems would broadly reduce the running and maintenance cost of the machines and also support the green movement by saving resources.

To learn how to implement IPS and its peripheral system,

Machine Design_KKBooks

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