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In order to work effectively, one has to be in the right environment. This can be ensured by following a certain work culture that enables a person to give his best in whatever he does in his workspace.

In the book called “UNLOCK THE REAL POWER OF IDEATION”, the author R. Sridhar has come up with amiable tips to generate ideas.

One of the ideas is using extremes to stretch thinking where he asks his clients to generate ideas about how to make someone feel valued, feel respected and how to value yourself, in the form of three groups.

He asks them to come up with ideas to make people better, which they have not tried so far.

Why do you think the author made his clients do this? What is the necessity to make someone feel valued and respected in a work environment?

A person behaves according to the place he is present in. The behaviour of the person depends on the type of people who are around him. This can be anywhere, home or school or workplace. If this is the case, it is imperative that he/she is surrounded by good vibes for his soundness in work.

This can be achieved by understanding the person, by respecting him, by valuing his work which in turn can be expected from that person towards others.

Quoting Maureen Wild, “When employees respect each other and get along in the workplace, it’s amazing how productivity increases”.

A lot of teenagers become a victim of depression mainly because of peer pressure. They do certain things totally out of their character to look cool among their friends and to earn respect. When this kind of people get in to a firm, their behaviour can affect the work they do. This is why every company maintains a Human Resource Department to keep a track on the mental health of their employees and try to provide them with a better ambience to work in.

Emotional stability is still a thing in this fast-growing digital world. A person craves for respect from his near and dear which in turn makes him feel valued. The most important thing to be noted is that nobody can demand respect from others but has to earn it. A person earns the respect of others ONLY when he appreciates the people from whom he desires it.


The author showed the clients random pictures and asked what are the kind of ideas they could generate from them.

Now, this is an exciting method where you try to find a pattern from things that are entirely unconnected to you.


Merriam Webster describes this word as the process in which you find something amazing without actually looking for it at the first place. Author has used the exact process in deriving many ideas to improve the power of ideation.

The author describes a couple of questions that the clients came up with looking at a candid picture of an old person with kids. The ideas that they came up with has no direct connection to the picture for it seemed so casual and normal but the ideas generated were totally applicable in a work environment. That is why they say, every picture has a story to tell. Look carefully. Can you tell? Sridhar unlock_KKBooks



There can be certain situations where a plan or an idea doesn’t work for you, and it is alright. Not everything has to suit everyone. We all are different and so are our methodologies in working. We need to find what suits the best for us and leave the rest. It is okay to choose a different path if it works the right way just like the others’.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to TRY. And with trying comes the result.

Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation

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