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Quality is considered as the key parameter to assess the superiority or inferiority of the final product of any business.

The Total Quality Management ensures that every step involved in any business is done without any errors and with absolute perfection in order to yield the required result at the end. It aims for continuous improvement in business by rectifying the mistakes taking place then and there in the various processes involved. This, in turn, gives a result product of good quality.


Are your sales going low? Cannot figure out what is going wrong? Need a quick solution? Then PDCA might be your saviour. What is it exactly?

In the book “DAILY MANAGEMENT :THE TQM WAY”, the author has explained briefly about PDCA by decoding it.

PDCA or the Plan-Do-Check-Act was designed by Walter Shewhart and popularised by W. Edwards Deming, who thought this could be used as a process improvement and quality management tool. PDCA not only encourages the development of innovative and breakthrough changes to ensure quality and performance improvement, but it also help manage change effectively.

Decoding PDCA:

Plan: Analyse the issues you are about to address. Look ahead for a long term solution. Figure out the options and envisage how they might turn out when put in practical use.

Do: Here you implement the options you found in the above step. Take baby steps and observed how these changes have helped to solve the problem.

Check: This is where you check if the changes you made can be used for a long term. Ensure that the option you’re using is the best compared to other possibilities. You can always go back to the Plan phase if you’re not satisfied.

Act: The final step where you can apply the solution company-wide. Here you observe what you learnt and decide what to do next.

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The PDCA is a reminder that there is always room for improvement when you feel hopeless in a situation. This can be applied not just in business but in your life as well!



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