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Many a time we’ve come across this phrase called “Out of the box thinking” or “Out of the box idea” to describe creativity and innovation. What is the exact meaning of this phrase and how can someone generate an Out of the box idea?

In the book called “UNLOCK THE POWER OF IDEATION”, the author R.Sridhar has explained it pictorially to make his clients understand the meaning of the phrase as well as the psychology behind how people come up with creative ideas.

Thinking out of the Box!

He asked his clients to imagine themselves in a 6 feet tall room which is enclosed by a 12 feet tall room which further is enclosed by a 24ft tall room. He asked them to come up with ideas to get out of the room. He went on to explain that the human mind is like the room in the center. The 12 feet tall room is our assumption and the 24 feet tall room is our logic. In order to come up with ideas, one has to break through assumptions and logic. Thus he explained the idea of Out of the box thinking easily and effectively.

He also narrated an incident from his life where his daughter came up with an out of the box idea to solve her health problem while he and his wife were scratching their heads thinking medicine is the only solution to solve any health-related issues.

Quoting Angelina Jolie, “If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.”


Insight is often described as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

The author explained how they sold a typewriter to a large number of customers by simply making them use it for 15 minutes by conducting a competition. They put a thought in the participant’s mind that the typewriter they wanted to sell is the best one in the market without directly marketing for it.

Their insight was simple. Anyone who tries that particular typewriter wouldn’t want to touch any other. Their challenge was to ensure that all the stenographers used it to achieve their insight.

With insights comes challenge and with challenge comes great achievement.

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