managementWe often come across this word called “Boss” or “Chief” in the workplace that is used to address the leader of a team. A person who manages a team of people is called a Manager. But this does not mean that Managers are entitled to order his team to “Do” a work and not actually “Do” it.

The book “DAILY MANAGEMENT THE TQM WAY”, decodes the meaning of a “Manager” by stating that Management is not just the job of the Manager but also the job of all employees.

This definition removes the sense of hierarchy in a work environment where the employees too feel the privilege of doing a work and not just obeying someone’s terms.

The author tries to explain that any work done in a Management must be denoted as the achievement of a team and not by the instructions given by a Manager thereby a sense of equality can be achieved in any work environment.

Under TQM, the author believes that it is the responsibility of not just the Manager but also the employees to understand the objectives of the firm, rotate the PDCA cycle so as to acquire the desired result.

The author emphasizes that by treating employees as not just a bunch of people who are ordered to do a prescribed task but as potential managers of the firm, better work environment could be created to attain fruitful results and gives them a sense of pride about their abilities.

“Killing two birds with one arrow”.


Imagine you are constructing a multi story building and the quality of your construction is enhanced with every subsequent floor. Will that be called a complete quality product? Will anyone like the first floor more than the uppermost floor?

In Japan, many construction companies introduced Total Quality Control or TQC.

Dr. Ishikawa`s definition of quality control: “To practice quality control is to develop, design, produce and service a quality product which is most economical, most useful and always satisfactory to the consumer. To meet this goal, everyone in the company must participate in and promote quality control, including top executives, all divisions, within the company and all employees.”

What is it like to apply Quality Control in a business?

Making a total quality product right from the foundation (This is literally applied in a construction business!).

Focussing on cost, price and profit not compromising on the quality of course.

Supervising the amount of product.

TQC is a prevention by prediction process in the application of PDCA as per the author. That is why they say “Prevention is better than Cure.”


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